Environmental Cleanup Career Opportunities in Houston, TX

Excel Industrial Group Wants You to Join Our Team

Excel Industrial Group offers opportunities to Houston, TX area environmental cleanup professionals to grow their skills in a team-oriented environment. We’re an established name in the hazmat cleanup, and we’re always looking for new specialists to join our expanding team. We believe in nourishing our employee’s careers by exposing them to new processes and training them in the use of emerging technologies. Whether you’re an experienced biohazard cleanup specialist looking for a change or a front-office professional, there’s a place for you at Excel Industrial Group.

Career opportunities at Excel Industrial Group in Houston, TX

Learn How to Perform a Variety of Waste Removal Services

Excel Industrial Group has a wide range of specialties, each of which provides our employees with new chances to expand their understanding of the industry they work in. You’ll gain an appreciation for providing customer service to industrial clients who require expedient and high-quality services in fields as vast as:

  • Industrial waste transportation & disposal: Learn how to help customers dispose of excess waste responsibly and within Federal regulations. We’ll teach you to handle complicated machinery and bring relief to our clients’ lives.
  • Environmental cleanup: Excel Industrial Group will teach you best practices and how to remove waste from sensitive environments, sparing our clients’ public relations issues and lost profits. Our goal is to remedy environmentally-risky spills quickly through the hard work of employees like you.
  • Waste analysis: One of the more exciting things a new employee at Excel Industrial Group will learn to do is master our waste analysis services. We use on-site sampling and laboratory settings to comply with EPA standards and assist our clients.
  • Product recovery solutions: Mistakes happen. When a product line is faulty, our clients call us first. You can be on the front line of the emergency cleanup process. Your actions will help reduce profit losses, streamline energy efficiency, and more.
  • Chemical trading: Excel Industrial Group does more than dispose of chemical waste. We maintain a network of companies with whom we can trade chemicals.

View Our Current Career Postings

We’re continuously growing as a company. As we grow, we continue to hire new and promising employees to join our team. Please peruse our current job postings. If they look like something you might be interested in, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment for an interview. Our current career openings are:

  • Environmental sales
  • Administrator

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Excel Industrial Group was established in 1997. Since then, we’ve become one of Houston, TX’s go-to destinations for qualified environmental cleanup services. We understand the needs of our clients. Ultimately, we’re looking for committed professionals who will always put the client first, be safe, and work hard. We offer generous benefits and a rewarding work atmosphere. We encourage you to periodically check this page, as we’re always adding and hiring for new positions.

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