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We Will Profile and Properly Dispose of Your Industrial Waste Materials

Industrial waste profiling and disposal is an essential task that companies often get very confused with. Properly classifying and profiling your industrial waste streams are an absolute necessity for all business and is required by law. Excel Industrial Group in Houston, TX, offers professional waste characterization and profiling assistance for companies across the nation. For more than 20 years, our company has helped manufacturers, oil and gas support companies, and other industrial manufacturers, legally track and properly dispose of their industrial waste materials. Our certified technicians, profile all types of industrial waste generated during your manufacturing processes. Excel can help you determine whether it is hazardous or non-hazardous, and provide options for proper disposal that are in accordance with state and federal regulations. Our work helps your company stay compliant and safe. Contact us today for more information.


Our Safe Waste Profiling & Disposal Process

Industrial waste is defined as any unwanted hazardous or non-hazardous byproduct of an industrial manufacturing process. This can include materials such as oils, chemicals, acids, paints, contaminated debris, solvents, etc. Excel Industrial Group takes proper steps to characterize, profile, and label all waste products so they can be legally transported and disposed of. Our teams of trained experts can help arrange on-site pickup, and transport safely all types of harmful, industrial chemical waste and give you the experience you deserve.


Why Is Waste Profiling Important?                                                                                               

Proper waste profiling and waste management must be done legally and responsibly for optimal safety. Profiling and characterizing your waste safeguards your company from government sanctions, fines, and prosecution, it also protects your employees, the surrounding community, and the environment. Waste materials can vary significantly depending on your industrial manufacturing process. It is essential to have your industrial waste materials analyzed by a certified laboratory and have professionals determine the characteristics of your hazardous and non-hazardous waste. This will allow for the proper transportation and disposal of your waste materials according to the law. In addition to safety and legal adherence, proper waste profiling and characterization offers other benefits, including:

  • Proper Labeling, Lists & Shipping: Waste characterized by type is easier to manage and helps identify proper treatment and disposal options. When waste containers are labeled and inventoried correctly, your company will know what kind of waste you are producing, how often, and in what quantities.
  • Optimized Treatment & Disposal: Different waste products require different treatment and disposal methods under Texas and federal law. Our teams of profiling and disposal experts have the knowledge and experience to recognize these differences, accurately label everything, and haul specific waste products to approved facilities for proper handling and disposal.
  • Healthy Environment: Our chemical and waste disposal specialists understand just how dangerous and harmful some waste products can be to the environment. That is why our safe, affordable waste profiling and disposal solutions are designed to be completely safe and even beneficial for the environment. We take great care to analyze, manage, and conduct non-hazardous and hazardous waste cleanup in ways that protect our ecosystems.
  • Improved Savings: You have a business to run. Trusting a partner like Excel Industrial Group to profile, characterize, and dispose of your industrial waste saves you time, money, and effort. We handle all the details, so you do not have to. We will save your company money on the disposal of your industrial wastes. We utilize our proven profiling and disposal system, so you do not have to plan or implement your own. You can let us worry about all the elements of waste disposal, so you can get back to your business’s everyday demands.


Trust Our Waste Profiling Professionals

There is a lot on the line for your business when it comes to waste management profiles and disposal. You need experts with the right resources and customized waste profiling solutions to get it all done. At Excel Industrial Group, we are those experts. Our company stays up-to-date on all state and federal regulations and uses only qualified personnel for every step of the disposal process. We communicate with designated landfill and government officials to facilitate fast, effective profiling and waste cleaning services, and we keep your company within federal regulations. Our personnel carefully categorize all your industrial waste products and disposes of them quickly, efficiently, and responsibly. This process helps you know you are doing your part to protect your company, community, and the earth. Call us today for more information.


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 If you are a manufacturer, it falls on you to dispose of your waste correctly. Excel Industrial Group can help. Our Texas-based company works with all types of businesses nationwide to offer environmentally safe, waste management services for profiling, recycling, transporting, and disposing of industrial and chemical waste. Learn what we can do for your business today by reaching out to us to request a quote at 281-213-3822.

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