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Could your company use help with product recovery and public perception? Many industrial companies in the Houston area and nationwide count on Excel Industrial Group to help them out of a jam involving out-of-date products, contaminated storage tanks, off-spec batches, and even chemical spills requiring an environmental cleanup. Whatever your product issue may be, we provide fast, appropriate product recovery solutions to put your mind at ease. Below, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions regarding our product recovery solutions. Please call us if you don’t see your specific question or concern addressed here, and we’ll do our best to assist you with an immediate response!

Q. What is product recovery management, and how is it beneficial for my company?

A. The days of product manufacturers turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to issues involving their products are long gone. Why? Thanks to the Internet and the spread of social media, it’s now easier than ever for consumers to lodge complaints about faulty products or unsafe manufacturing processes. Product recovery management is a process used to help manufacturers recover the economic value of wastes. If your company can eliminate wastes or lower the costs of hazardous waste disposal, it’s better for your bottom line financially. Moreover, it’s also better for your public image.  

Effectively eliminating hazardous waste and our reliance on landfills is beneficial for the environment. Many consumers prefer to give their business to companies that focus on reducing their environmental impact. If your industrial company is concerned about reducing the hazardous waste generated by your products, we can help with our customized product recovery solutions, environmental cleanup services, and more. In some cases, we can also connect you with potential buyers who could use your excess chemicals through our chemical trading services designed to help you reduce hazardous waste costs.

Q. What can having a product recovery plan do for my business’ bottom line? 

A. Having a product recovery plan makes financial sense. If you have a chemical spill or off-spec batch, Excel Industrial Group can help you with the next steps to help recover your product and eliminate hazardous waste. As more countries continue to develop socially and economically and consume more of the earth’s finite supply of natural resources, the need to sustain existing resources has become crucial. By finding ways to benefit from or recycle your hazardous waste, you can recover financial losses and reduce production downtime. Whatever your specific goal is, our chemical waste management company in Houston is poised to help. 

Product recovery solutions help minimize your environmental impact, all while protecting your customers, employees, and brand awarenessFor example, perhaps the gas coming from your company’s manufacturing plant could be turned into electricity or biofuel for someone else to use. In some cases, wastewater has become repurposed as a natural fertilizer. There’s a lot to be said about turning “sewage sludge” (a negative public perception) into a green, renewable form of energy. It almost always pays to have a backup planFeel free to take a look at our blog about recovering product after a storage mishap for more useful tips. 

Q. Why should I rely on Excel Industrial Group for product recovery solutions?

A. For over a decade, we’ve concerned ourselves with managing used and discarded products, as well as their materials and components, for industrial operations across the country. We specialize in helping companies reduce their carbon footprint and keep their hazardous waste to a minimum. Take a proactive stance on protecting the environment and eliminating waste from your facility with our help. From identifying sources of hazardous wastes to providing efficient solutions for by-products and co-products, we can help you cut costs across the board, including transportation and disposal costs.

Q. What’s included as part of your professional product recovery services? 

A. We provide our product recovery services for many types of industries, including oil and gas companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and chemical plants. Here’s a little bit about what you can expect from our Houston-based product recovery solution specialists: 

Q. Do you provide product recovery solutions outside of the Houston area?

A. Yes! While our waste management company is based in the Houston area, we’re capable of providing reliable service to many industrial companies located across the United States. Please give us a call at 281-746-3627 if we may be of assistance in determining your product recovery solution. We look forward to working closely with you and your company! 


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