Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Waste Transport in Houston

Houston Hazardous Waste Transport Company at Your Disposal 

Excel Industrial Group manages the hazardous waste transport and disposal for Houston-area industrial operations of all sizes. Below, we invite you to view our frequently asked questions regarding our chemical and hazardous waste transport and disposal services. Should you not see the type of information you need, we encourage you to reach out to us directly with your questions and concerns. 

Q. What is hazardous waste transportation, and who’s qualified to provide this type of service?

A. Hazardous waste transportation involves the transport of hazardous or chemical waste from an industrial facility to another facility that can either recycle, dispose, or store the waste. This transport can be completed via rail, water, or highway. A regulated hazardous waste transportation company such as Excel Industrial Group should handle it because we have the proper equipment and training to handle the waste safely. We’ll also ensure everything is done in compliance with all State and Government regulations. 

Q. Why should I entrust my hazardous waste transport and disposal to your company? 

A. We’ve made handling industrial and chemical waste management in the Houston area one of our specialties since 1997. You can depend on us to handle hazardous and non-hazardous waste in an environmentally safe and cost-effective manner. Our qualified transporters show up on time, every time, and offer customized transport and disposal solutions to meet your logistics needs. We’ll save you both time and money. Thanks to us, you don’t have to worry about the hassles or headaches of dealing with problematic waste materials from your industrial facility ever again! 

Q. What are the benefits of letting you handle my chemical waste management? 

A. What might look like a waste to others we see as potential revenue for your company. Some landfill materials can be diverted or recovered, while our chemical trading services help pair you with potential buyers to repurpose your chemicals instead of merely disposing of them. Our company can keep you compliant with all federal and state regulations regarding chemical and hazardous waste transport and disposal. 

Q. What type of transport vehicles do you use for hazardous waste transport and disposal?

A. Excel Industrial Group utilizes a large fleet to give us better flexibility when handling your hazardous waste transport and disposal needsWe use everything from pneumatic trucks, dump trucks, and end-dumps to rail cars, air movers, liquid vacuum trucks, tank trucks, box vans, dewatering boxes, and roll-off boxes. You can rest assured we’ll find the safest, most effective mode of transportation, recycling, and disposal for your facility’s hazardous or chemical waste. 

Q. What type of industries benefit from your chemical waste management services?

A. Any business can produce hazardous waste, even dry cleaners, and printers. We’re capable of providing hazardous waste transport and disposal services for just about any industry, but these are the ones we commonly work with, along with the most common types of hazardous waste they generate: 

  • Construction 
    • – Coatings 
    • – Petroleum distillates 
    • – Gasoline 
  • Equipment Repair Facilities 
    • – Acids and Bases 
    • – Ignitable wastes 
    • – Toxic wastes 
    • – Solvents 
    • – Paint washes 
  • Laboratories 
    • – Unused reagents 
    • – Spent solvents 
    • – Testing samples 
    • – Reaction products 
    • – Contaminated materials 
  • Photo Processing Facilities 
    • – Silver 
    • – Photographic activators 
    • – Acid regenerates 
    • – System cleaners 

Q. Are there specific types of hazardous or non-hazardous waste you can’t remove? 

A. No matter what type of hazardous or non-hazardous waste your facility has, you can rest assured we’re capable of removing it for you. Our well-trained staff has over 25 years of hazardous waste management experience to handle any job. While we serve many types of industrial companies, we do not provide hazardous waste transport and disposal for residential customers. 

Q. I’ve never had someone transport and dispose of my hazardous waste before. Do I need to do anything first?

A. You’ll need to obtain an ID number from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Should you require assistance with the process or required paperwork, we’re happy to help you. Next, we’ll help you determine the type of hazardous waste you have and where it should be taken for cost-effective disposal or recycling based upon your location. 

Q. What are your hours of operation for chemical and hazardous waste transport and disposal?

A. Our standard hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, although we’re also available 24 hours a day for emergency responses and environmental cleanups. 

Q. Do you only provide hazardous waste transport and disposal in the Houston area?

A. No. Although we’re based in the Houston area, we provide nationwide hazardous waste transport and disposal services for your convenience. Please give us a call today at 281-746-3627 to request more info or pricing. We’re ready to serve you, wherever and whenever you need us! 


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