Combustible Dust Cleaning in Houston, TX

High Surface and Combustible Dust Cleaning Services

Combustible dust is a substance or mixture that is commonly produced as a by-product of manufacturing processes. Combustible dust is highly flammable when dispersed into the air and poses significant risks to your facility and the health of your employees. When it comes to preserving the safety of your facility, Excel Industrial Group is here to provide comprehensive combustible dust cleaning services.

Combustible Dust Cleaning in Houston, TX

What Is Combustible Dust Cleaning?

Combustible dust cleaning services require the use of HEPA-filtered, explosion-proof vacuums and non-spark equipment to securely remove loose dust and debris from facility machinery and high-ceiling surfaces. This operation must be performed by a qualified professional with the training and safety equipment to perform the task without risking imminent danger.

Why Is Combustible Dust Cleaning Necessary?

Combustible dust may explode or catch fire. The ignition process relies on oxygen, fuel, and heat. The risks of combustible dust can be moderately contained by removing open flames or sparks. However, the heat of your machinery remains an ignition risk. By ensuring regular combustible dust cleaning services, you remove the fuel source and promote a secure environment.

Combustible Dust Cleaning Services

By combining extensive training, high-quality safety equipment, and spark-proof tools, our professionals can eliminate hazardous matter within your facility.

Combustible Dust Inspection and Protection

Before beginning the combustible dust and high surface cleaning process, it is essential to inspect the state of the facility. We identify dust-prone areas and map out how to safely execute our services, ensuring successful completion. We then utilize proper protective sheathing to keep contaminants from migrating to other areas during our cleaning process.

Combustible Dust Clean Services in Houston, TX

Combustible Dust Cleaning Process

Once we’ve inspected your facility and installed protective sheathing, we begin by spraying down the equipment, walls, and hard-to-reach areas with a specialized foam to reduce the release of dust. We then use explosion-proof vacuums and combustible waste removal techniques to remove the waste from your operation. Once we have removed the dust and debris, we will conduct a thorough cleaning.

Benefits of High Surface Cleaning

Most facilities prioritize cleaning processes at the ground level. However, hazardous dust collects on high surfaces, such as the top of machinery and on exposed ceiling rafters. With high-surface cleaning, our specialists prevent dust from accumulating and contributing to the risk of fire, explosions, and detrimental health conditions. Combustible dust cleaning also helps improve the overall appearance of the facility, providing a brighter work environment.

Facilities at Risk of Combustible Dust Explosion

Many production and manufacturing facilities are at risk of combustible dust explosions if they do not take measures to ensure thorough cleaning of their machinery and high surfaces. These facilities include but are not limited to:

  • Food processing and production plants
  • Grain elevators
  • Metal fabrications
  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Woodworking facilities
  • Recycling facilities
  • Chemical manufacturers

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Excel Industrial Group is a full-service industrial, hazardous waste disposal company backed by more than 25 years of experience. We have the knowledge and skill to efficiently remove combustible dust from equipment and high surfaces while protecting sensitive materials and operational components. Our certified experts prioritize the safety of your company and employees while ensuring high-quality, affordable work you can rely on.

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If you run a dust-prone business, don’t wait until you’re faced with disaster to maintain the security and operational value of your facility. Contact our hazardous waste experts today to discuss your combustible dust cleaning service.

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