FAQs on Environmental Cleanups in Houston, TX

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Excel Industrial Group is a Houston-based waste management company with over 25 years of experience handling environmental cleanups. If you have an environmental cleanup question or concern, we encourage you to view our frequently asked questions on the subject listed below. Should you not see the answer to your question, please feel free to reach out to us directly for immediate assistance at 281-746-3627. We pride ourselves on offering prompt, professional environmental cleanup solutions! 

Q. What sort of criteria should I use to select an environmental cleanup company? 

A. Because there are many state, federal, and local laws regarding waste, transport, and environmental cleanups, it’s essential you select the right environmental company to avoid penalties and complications. No matter what industry you’re in, here are a few general tips for choosing an environmental cleanup company:

  • Experience Matters – When it comes to environmental remediation services, experience matters more so than other industries. Excel Industrial Group has over 25 years of experience handling environmental cleanups and more. 
  • Responsiveness – Environmental cleanups usually require immediate attention. Our company specializes in emergency responsiveness. We’re available 24 hours a day to offer you our full support with fast, appropriate solutions. We’re also available for you afterward, with exceptional follow-up and long-term monitoring services to ensure the effectiveness of our cleanup solution. 
  • Flexibility  Whether you need to remove hazardous waste or contaminants from your site’s soil, surface water, groundwater, or sediment, we’re equipped to meet your cleanup’s specifics. Providing complete start-to-finish service, we’ll take care of everything from site assessments to completing site remediation and closure for your company. Environmental cleanups may take a single day, or they may be more complicated. Whatever your needs arewe’re here for you. 

Q. What type of environmental cleanups are you equipped to handle?

A. An environmental cleanup refers to specific actions that must be taken to deal effectively with a hazardous substance or contaminant that poses a threat to humans or the environment. Rather than a preventative measure, environmental cleanup typically involves a remedial action plan (one that’s initiated as a corrective response to something such as an oil spill for example). Our environmental cleanup services include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Site assessments 
  • Sump and pit cleanouts 
  • Site remediation and closure 
  • Asbestos and lead abatement 
  • Oil and chemical spills
  • Pond cleaning and closure
  • Land application projects
  • Tank cleaning projects

Q. Are there specific environmental cleanup laws I need to understand?

A. Whether your environmental cleanup necessitates the removal of contaminants from the soil, surface water, or groundwater, there are specific environmental cleanup laws in effect. There are usually laws governing the type of party that may provide environmental cleanup services, as well as rules regulating the acceptable emergency response timeframe, site assessment, liability, feasibility studies, remedial action, and site re-usage. Certain types of environmental cleanups pose more of a threat to human health or the environment and must be dealt with immediately. Rest assured we’re experienced with environmental cleanups of all types and sizes, and we can advise you accordingly. 

Q. What types of environmental cleanup methods do you use and recommend? 

A. Our experienced waste management company in Houston uses advanced environmental cleanup methods to provide you the best service possible. We’ve dealt with groundwater pumping and treatment, wastewater treatment,  byproduct and co-product recovery solutions, waste analysis, and hazardous waste transport and disposal. It’s worth noting that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to environmental cleanups. The kind of treatment we recommend will vary depending on your situation and location, as well as the type of mediums being impacted and the extent of that impact. We’ll evaluate the geological conditions and regulatory guidelines in your area thoroughly before taking a course of action. 

Wastewater treatment methods may involve the application of physical forces or removing contaminants through the addition of certain chemicals or the removal of biodegradable organic substances. Be sure to check out our blogs for more information regarding our proven waste management and environmental cleanup techniques.

Q. Are you able to respond to environmental cleanup emergencies at any time?

A. Yes, we have 24-hour emergency response available for environmental cleanups. Count on our over 25 years of experience for affordable, efficient, and environmentallysafe cleanup services any time, day or night. 

Q. Do you only provide environmental cleanup and emergency response in the Houston area? 

A. No. While we’re a Houston-based chemical waste management company, we provide comprehensive cleanup assistance and hazardous waste transport and disposal services nationwide. We’d be happy to help you assess your environmental cleanup needs. Please give us a call today at 281-746-3627!


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