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Finding Recovery Solutions to Save You Money

Why product management? It’s simple: better product recovery management leads to better financial outcomes for our clients. Excel Industrial Group offers efficient product recovery solutions to help our clients minimize waste and optimize their production processes. When working with Excel Industrial Group for your recovery products, you can expect a fast response, appropriate solutions, and a national network of buyers, transporters, packagers, and storage terminals.

Chemical Product Recovery Solutions in Houston, TX

What Is a Product Recovery Solution?

A product recovery solution is a process used to extract valuable products from waste materials that cannot be used or need to be disposed of. These by-products may be reused or sold for reuse in the production process. By implementing our waste recovery systems, businesses can reduce their waste disposal costs, recover valuable materials, recoup some money, and improve their environmental sustainability.

Product Recovery Solutions by Excel Industrial Group

Excel Industrial Group offers comprehensive product recovery solutions for industrial and commercial clients, including recycling, reprocessing, and repurposing of waste materials in Houston. Our product recovery management services involve the identification and recovery of valuable products from waste streams using innovative techniques, such as PRM filtration. We can recover valuable products such as solvents, chemicals, and oils.

We work with a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, chemical, and manufacturing. You can review the full list of products we handle by reviewing our chemical product list. We also offer sampling and analysis of materials, transportation and storage solutions, and recovery of heel materials from tanks, truck, rail cars, and barges.

By linking you with potential customers, we will recover the value of your goods via our large network of partners. We offer the ability to sell distressed and old inventory or off-spec products. These may be accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis of Quality and Composition. Solutions are tailored to each client’s unique needs and offer onsite services, transportation, and logistics support.

Benefits of Product Recovery Solution

Product recovery helps clients reduce their environmental impact and increases efficiency and profitability in manufacturing processes. Our solutions can save companies money by recovering valuable materials that would otherwise be discarded while generating revenue from the sale of recovered materials.

Effective product recovery solutions can also help companies comply with environmental regulations and avoid fines. Excel Industrial Group also offers environmental product declaration services to help clients communicate the environmental performance of their products to stakeholders.

Learn About Our Product Recovery Method

There are several methods of product recovery that businesses can use to extract value from waste. These include recycling, reprocessing, and repurposing waste materials. Recycling involves converting waste materials into new products. Reprocessing involves breaking down waste materials to extract usable components through filtration, distillation, or extraction. The retrieved products can be reused or sold, reducing waste and costs associated with disposal. Repurposing involves finding alternative uses for waste materials that would otherwise be discarded.

Our Effective Product Recovery Plan

The aim of the product recovery plan is to reduce waste and costs associated with disposal while maximizing the recovery of valuable products. To implement a successful product recovery plan, it’s essential to have a thorough understanding of the waste streams and contaminated materials involved. Using a systematic approach to identify and recover valuable products, Excel Industrial Group in Houston will develop a product recovery plan that outlines the steps and equipment needed to recover the product in a safe and cost-efficient way.

Why Choose Excel Industrial Group in Houston?

Excel Industrial Group’s product recovery services deliver customized solutions for a variety of industries and applications, helping businesses improve their bottom line while minimizing their environmental impact. Customers should consider using us for their product recovery needs because of our extensive experience and expertise. With a focus on sustainable and cost-effective solutions, we offer a range of product recovery methods to maximize the recovery of valuable products and minimize waste. For more than two decades, we’ve helped customers find effective solutions for their by-products and co-products.

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