Frequently Asked Questions About Chemical Trading in Houston, TX

How to Make Money from Your Company’s Chemical Waste 

While it sounds almost too good to be true, did you know you can make money from your company’s chemical waste? Excel Industrial Group specializes in chemical trading services for industrial companies across Houston and the United States. If you’re anxious to get started, we’ve taken the time to answer a few of our frequently asked questions about chemical trading. Please also refer to our informative blogs written on the subject, or feel free to contact us with specific questions and concerns not addressed here. We’re dedicated to being the right chemical trading partner for all your needs!

Q. What is chemical trading, and how can my company benefit from it?

A. Perhaps you’ve heard of the expression of chemical trading, but you’re not quite sure what it means. Chemical trading is a standard business practice involving the handling and repurposing of industrial chemicals. Perhaps your company overestimated its needs and ordered too many chemicals for production. Rather than chalking up those excess chemicals as unavoidable hazardous waste, your company may be able to recoup losses by repurposing certain kinds of chemicals. Chemical trading is a regulated practice, and you can trust our expertise and valuable connections to help make it work to your distinct advantage. First, you’ll need to examine the volume and type of chemicals you intend to trade. Even if they’re distressed or contaminated, you’d be surprised to learn many of your surplus chemicals still hold value.

Q. Why should I feel comfortable making you my chemical trading partner? 

A. Rely on our expertise handling industrial chemicals. Not all companies are equipped or experienced enough to provide proper disposal or storage for chemicals, but ours is. Thanks to our vast knowledge of industrial chemicals, we know which ones are most likely to be repurposed or salvaged by another company. Even if your excess chemicals can’t be traded to another company, we know how to handle and dispose of them for you. We’ll ensure your unused chemicals are processed in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations in the safest, most environmentally-friendly way. We have an extensive network of resources and potential buyers available to pair you with to help you get the most from what would otherwise be just another hazardous waste.

Q. What type of chemical products do you buy and trade regularly? 

A. In the business of chemical trading for over a decade, we’re experienced in buying and trading the following types of chemicals for all your needs: 

  • Acids (Sulfuric, Hydrochloric, Phosphoric, etc.)
  • Solvents (Acetone, Hexane, etc.)
  • Fuels (Motor Oil, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, etc.)
  • Alcohols (Ethanol, Methanol, Propanol, etc.)
  • Alkali (Potassium Hydroxide, Bleach, etc.)
  • Glycols (Antifreeze, Ethylene Glycol, etc.)
  • Metals (Cobalt, Nickel, Platinum, etc.)
  • Polymers (PP, PET, etc.)
  • Monomers (Propylene, Butadiene, etc.)

Q. Do you have any tips for beginners looking to tap into chemical trading?

A. Because we understand that many companies have a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept of chemical trading, we’ve taken the time to provide a few simple tips for beginners:

  • Be Aware of Influencing Factors – Trade volumes, prices, and logistics costs all have an impact on chemical trading. Would it be cheaper for your partner to source a new supplier or to seek an alternative material? Keep a watchful eye on your market or rely on us to do that for you! 
  • Know What Sets You Apart – Understand what sets you apart from other companies looking to get into chemical trading. Ask yourself the following questions: 

 Why would another company do business with you instead of a much larger international company? Is it because they already have an established connection with our company? 

– Do you offer a specialty chemical they’re less likely to find elsewhere?  

– Are you offering your surplus chemicals at a better price than the competition?  

– How easy are you making the logistics of your transaction? Convenience is sometimes a deciding factor for consumers. 

  • Always Do Your Homework – If the company looking to buy your excess chemicals is located in another country (which is often the case), do your homework on existing import and export guidelines. Be sure to research chemical trading for your particular industry.

Q. Do you provide chemical trading services outside of Houston?

A. Yes! Our Houston-area chemical waste management company provides chemical trading services nationwide to benefit many industrial companies. Are you interested in learning more about chemical trading and how it can benefit your business? Please call us today at 281-746-3627 to determine if chemical trading is a viable solution for your company. We’d be happy to address your chemical trading needs and help you see the bigger global picture! 

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