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As an industrial business owner or manager, you have a lot of responsibilities. Because of this, some tasks, like effectively managing your waste disposal, may take a back seat to more important items. However, you may not realize just how essential effective industrial waste management can be to your success. When you work with the experienced professionals at Excel Industrial Group, we can analyze your waste disposal needs and current methods to find ways to make your process more efficient, potentially saving you time and money. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help improve the industrial waste management practices at your business, please reach out to us today.

What Are Waste Assessment & Waste Management?

The waste analysis is a thorough investigation of the type of waste your business produces and the tactics you’re currently using to dispose of it. By taking a closer look at these details, we can help to develop a better waste management plan for your company. You’d be surprised at the difference proper waste management can make in your business’ performance and bottom line. Excel Industrial Group offers a thorough waste analysis to provide your company with the information needed to dispose of waste more effectively and efficiently. Our services include:
Chemical Waste Analysis Services in Houston, TX

  • Profiling
  • On-site sampling
  • Transportation and Disposal of Industrial Chemical Waste
  • Identifying unknown substances
  • Paperwork and logistical coordination
  • Complete waste characteristics analysis
  • Packaging and/or consolidating wastes


How Our Waste Assessment Helps Your Business

As a manufacturer, it is your responsibility to dispose of the waste you create in a proper manner. Disposing of your hazardous and non-hazardous waste, following all rules and regulations, is essential to the safety of your workers, the surrounding communities, and the environment. However, we understand that waste management is likely not your area of expertise. Thankfully, waste management is our area of expertise, which means you can count on us to develop a safe and effective plan for your business. Our team helps to ensure you are disposing of waste legally and responsibly, providing a quick and accurate analysis of the type of waste you produce. We’ll make sure your waste is properly characterized and that you adhere to all laws based on this characterization, helping you to avoid costly fines or criminal prosecution.

Waste Disposal That’s Safe for the Environment

After we complete a thorough waste analysis and develop a plan to help you better manage your waste, you can also count on us to provide the disposal services you need. We have an experienced team of waste disposal experts who can take care of any hazardous or non-hazardous chemical waste disposal, as well as any other waste management services you require at our hazardous waste disposal facility. Our goal for more than 20 years has been to provide industrial companies with affordable and environmentally-safe industrial waste services. We fully understand how dangerous and harmful some waste products can be, and we work to help you dispose of them in a way that helps to protect nearby ecosystems. You can feel confident knowing your business is doing everything in its power to protect the environment. We provide the following environmentally-safe waste services:

  • Recycling
  • Transporting of waste
  • Disposal of all types of industrial chemical waste

Trust Our Analysis Experts in Houston, TX

The successful and legal operation of your business is on the line when it comes to your management of industrial waste. Without proper practices in place, you could be putting your business at risk of fines and lawsuits. With that in mind, it’s important to hire experts to handle the profiling of your waste materials in Houston, TX. Our team will carefully characterize and dispose of your industrial waste, allowing you to focus on the more important task of running your business. You can leave all the details to us, as will use our precise abilities to accurately characterize your waste and build a plan on how to most effectively dispose of it. Then, we also provide disposal services, taking care of the entire process of your waste management needs. When you hire our expert team, you can be confident your waste is being disposed of responsibly.

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At Excel Industrial Group, our goal is to help you improve your company’s waste management practices and, in the process, improve your bottom line. We help you identify and implement solutions to do just that, whether the solution you need is the quick removal of your industrial waste or finding value in your off-spec or surplus products. Learn what we can do for your business today by reaching out to us to request a quote. We’re ready to help you improve your waste disposal practices.

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