Industrial Oil & Sulfuric Acid Recycling Services in Houston, TX

It’s incredibly important that we do as much as possible to preserve our planet. At Excel Industrial Group, we provide industrial waste recycling services for all types of companies and production lines throughout Houston, TX. Recycling industrial waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous, provides many benefits to both the environment and your organization. It can help reduce your costs of disposing of unused materials and byproducts as a result of your operations. It also continuously provides you with a steady level of dependable resources. Every company has environmental goals and aspirations of improving its standing with both the community and the local government. Let our industrial waste recycling services help you hit those environmental goals! We have years of experience in waste management for a wide variety of different industries and companies of all sizes. Learn about our services and how we can help you. Contact us when you’re ready to reap the benefits of industrial waste recycling.

Our Process

Excel Industrial Group is available to help you optimize your recycling program, lower your impact on the environment, and boost your community involvement. Our process includes a handful of steps to adapt our offerings to your company and your needs. They include:

In-Depth Assessment

The first step to providing you with industrial waste recycling services is correctly identifying your facility’s waste streams. We catalog the types and volumes of your industrial materials, waste, and byproducts produced by your facility every day. After we know exactly what and how many materials we’re dealing with, we can create a plan that works for you, including recycling and management. The EPA has developed a regulatory definition process that helps you and us identify specific substances. It includes objective criteria for including other materials in the regulated hazardous waste universe.

Regulating Waste

We will determine how to best regulate your industrial materials in terms of classifying them. Materials can be classified as hazardous or non-hazardous. We will look at how your waste is categorized to make recycling easier and more affordable. Each state has its own definitions and regulations on industrial materials. There are many aspects to consider during this phase. They include:

Industrial Waste Recycling Process in Houston, TX

  • What is your facility’s history and ownership history?
  • Have there been any previous contaminations on your site?
  • Does your facility have a history of environmental compliance?
  • Have you been subject to any enforcement actions?
  • Is your facility currently in compliance with all required permits for operation?
  • Is your facility well-maintained?
  • Do you employ responsible practices?
  • Do you screen waste?
  • Is your facility financially sound?
  • Do you have adequate pollution liability insurance and provisions?

Finding Correct Markets for Your Materials

Recycling materials makes them available to be used in a wide variety of markets worldwide. We remarket industrial materials all over the world to find the best outlet for you. Our buyer network allows you to get the most return possible for your recycled industrial materials.

Tracking Your Success

After identifying and correctly managing your waste, we’ll continue to track your recycling success. This allows you to reap multiple benefits of recycling hazardous and non-hazardous industrial materials, including staying environmentally conscious, increasing your image in the community, and measuring your impact on the environment. If you have any questions or want to get started, give us a call! We’ll chat about your industry, facility, and how we can help you recycle your industrial waste materials.

Why Choose Us?

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