Emergency Spill Response in Houston, TX

Excel Industrial Group LLC Provides Emergency Waste Removal

If you have a hazardous spill on your property, road, or facility floor, you need fast, reliable, and efficient cleanup. A chemical spill on a public road needs to be dealt with immediately. The first step is calling Excel Industrial Group LLC for our professional help. Chemical spills are hazardous to the environment and human health, including injury, disability, or even death. Oil and fuel spills are also dangerous as they release refined petroleum products into the environment and can lead to fires. Our team takes great care and precaution to clean up and remove hazardous waste effectively. Contact us today for 24/7 emergency hazardous waste removal.

Types of Hazardous Waste

Emergency Hazardous Spill Response Services in Houston, TX
Hazardous waste can come in liquid, solid, or gaseous states, and we have a way to deal with each type. Each state poses a different threat to the environment and the people nearby. The term “hazardous” actually signifies a legal term by the EPA, broken into three categories: listed, characteristic, and mixed radiological. Listed waste includes items specifically in manufacturing, industrial, and commercial processes. Characteristic waste is defined by the specific characteristics it possesses, such as corrosivity, reactivity, ignitability, and toxicity. The EPA lists these specific definitions as well. The third category, mixed radiological waste, contains radioactive components. It is heavily regulated by the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Excel Industrial Group LLC has the means to contain and remove all types of hazardous waste, conducting emergency response plans with years of training and supplies.

Why Hire Excel Industrial Group in Houston, TX?

Our years of experience, high-tech tools, and modern techniques have allowed us to excel at our job. We’ve managed a wide variety of hazardous cleanups over the years and helped hundreds of businesses and organizations with cleanups and preventative measures in Houston. We are all responsible for regulating and handling hazardous materials to protect ourselves and the environment. In an emergency, you need a team that mobilizes quickly and efficiently. We practice only perfection when it comes to waste management. Every member of our team has a deep understanding of the rules and regulations of waste management, cleanup, and removal, and we’re here for you.

Environmental and Affordable

Emergency Waste Spill Response Services in Houston, TX
It’s not enough anymore to hire a hazardous waste removal company that just cleans up waste. They need to be environmentally friendly, affordable, and invested in sustainability. That’s where we come in. Our team understands the burden of dealing with litigations of your operations in Houston, TX. We provide a security net with our practices, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day production. We care for our customers by providing competitive and ethical estimates. When you have an emergency on your hands, you don’t have time to negotiate and shop around. Instead of using this as a business crutch, we take this opportunity to help our community.

Contact us today for all types of hazardous waste control and removal, and remember our name when you have an emergency. Time is always of the essence to prevent additional damage to the environment and personnel at your base of operations.

Why Choose Us?

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