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Excel Industrial Group excels in providing industrial waste analysis for companies both in the Houston area and nationwide. Whether your site has chemical or hazardous industrial waste, we’re capable of conducting on-site sampling to analyze its unique properties for you. Below, we’ve taken the time to answer some of our frequently asked questions concerning waste analysis. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, we encourage you to contact us for immediate assistance.

Q. What is a hazardous waste, and why should my company be concerned? 

A. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines hazardous waste as being any material with properties that could be harmful to humans or the environment. Hazardous waste comes in many forms, ranging from liquids and gases to sludges and solids. Some hazardous wastes are considered more dangerous than others. Hazardous waste management and having a waste analysis plan in action became more standardized procedurally in the United States in the mid-twentieth century, as industrial companies began to become more environmentally conscious about their actions. 

Q. What is a waste analysis plan, and why should my company have one?

A. Your industrial company is hopefully already familiar with the U.S. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) that was put into effect over 40 years ago. This act governs the treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste materials. The RCRA helps protect humans and the environment, while also working to conserve energy and natural resources by reducing the amount of hazardous waste that is generated.

Companies who handle hazardous wastes must have the appropriate permits showing they safely and effectively meet all regulatory guidelines. No matter your specific industry or hazardous wastes involved, having a waste analysis plan in effect makes practical sense. Your waste analysis plan is your step-by-step protocol for dealing with hazardous wastes to ensure you comply with RCRA and EPA guidelines. 

Q. What’s essential to an effective waste analysis plan for it to succeed?

A. Items for you to consider while developing your company’s waste analysis plan include the following:

  • How did you determine you’re handling hazardous waste? (Did you take an on-site sample?) 
  • What characteristics are present in your hazardous waste? (Is it chemical, solid, or liquid waste?) 
  • How should your particular type of hazardous waste be handled? (Do you treat your waste on-site or  at an off-site facility?) 
  • How should your specific type of hazardous waste be disposed of or recycled?
  • How much hazardous waste is your site generating? (Certain quantities may have different regulations than others.) 

Q. Why should I rely on Excel Industrial Group for my waste analysis needs?

A. Our waste management company has over 25 years of industry-related experience for your peace of mind. Letting us analyze your hazardous waste can help you streamline your waste removal process and ensure that you’re compliant with all posted local, state, and federal regulations to keep you out of court. Our goal is to keep you and your employees safe and in compliance. Our waste analysis experts in Houston have all been fully trained to keep up with recommended protocols for dealing with hazardous waste.  

Whether you need assistance with on-site sampling and analysis or transporting and disposing of your hazardous waste, we’re at your disposal with 24-hour emergency response available. We can also help you turn your hazardous waste into a source of revenue for your company in cases in which chemical trading may be a possibility. Be sure to ask us about all of your available options!

Q. What do your industrial waste analysis services usually include?

A. Excel Industrial Group excels at efficiency. Our industrial waste analysis experts in Houston provide the following services to help you make informed decisions when handling hazardous wastes: 

  • On-site sampling 
  • Profiling 
  • Sample analytics 
  • State/EPA registration support
  • Identification of unknown substances
  • Paperwork and logistical coordination
  • Complete waste analysis to determine characteristics
  • Assistance packaging and consolidating wastes

Q. What sorts of characteristics are measured in a typical hazardous waste analysis? 

A. When we take an on-site sample of your hazardous waste, we’re typically looking at the following characteristics to help identify it:

  • Toxicity 
  • Corrosivity 
  • Ignitability 
  • Reactivity 

Q. Do you only provide on-site waste analysis services in the Houston area?

A. No. While we’re based in the Houston area, we provide nationwide service for many industrial companies. Please give us a call today at 281-746-3627 to discuss pricing and logistics. 

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