• What Type of Waste is Your Business Producing?

    Types of Hazardous Waste Produced by Industries in Houston, TX

    Many businesses across several industries produce hazardous waste as a natural part of their business operations. While there typically isn’t a lot that can be done to reduce the amount of hazardous waste produced, there are ways it should be handled, disposed of, or recycled.

    Even businesses like dry cleaners and printers produce hazardous waste. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about taking care of the waste yourself. The experienced professionals at Excel Industrial Group will handle your hazardous waste effectively so you can focus on your business.

    Types of Hazardous Waste by Industry

    • Construction – Coatings, petroleum distillates, gasoline
    • Equipment Repair – Acids and bases, ignitable wastes, toxic wastes, solvents, paint washes
    • Laboratories – Unused regeants, spent solvents, testing samples, reaction products, contaminated materials
    • Photo Processing – Silver, photographic activators, acid regenerates, system cleaners

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  • Common Wastewater Treatment Methods

    Wastewater Treatment Solutions in Houston, TX

    Water is not only an essential element to the human body and our planet, but it is also a crucial part of many businesses. Water is used for many industrial purposes including:

    • Manufacturing goods
    • Cooling
    • Heating
    • Carrying raw materials or waste matter
    • And much more

    Once the water has been used it is then classified as wastewater and needs to be properly handled and disposed. Wastewater can be a pollutant when entering other bodies of water and when contaminating soil. Industrial process wastewater must be treated before it is discharged, or properly transported and and handled for disposal. There are a variety of ways this can be done depending on the processes of your business.

    Physical Unit Operations – This treatment type uses the application of physical forces and can include:

    • Screening
    • Flocculation
    • Mixing
    • Flotation
    • Sedimentation
    • Filtration
    • Gas Transfer

    Chemical Unit Processes – Contaminants are removed or converted through the addition of chemicals. Common examples include:

    • Precipitation
    • Disinfection
    • Adsorption

    Biological Unit Processes – Contaminants are removed through biological activity. Biodegradable organic substances and nutrients are removed from the wastewater and converted into gases.

    The needs of each business are different and there is no one-size-fits-all wastewater treatment solution. Excel Industrial Group can take care of all your waste disposal needs in the Greater Houston area. Need to talk to a professional about your waste? Call us today at 281-213-3822.

  • A Pollution Case Study: Love Canal


    Industrial pollution affects many of the waterways throughout the United States. In this video, you will learn about the environmental cleanup project implemented in the Love Canal and the surrounding area to remove pollution. By administering safe industrial waste disposal processes for surrounding factories, workers were able to eliminate pollution from the canal.

    If your industrial facility is in need of waste analysis services, be sure to contact Excel Industrial Group LLC. Our company offers quality industrial waste removal in Cypress, and we will make sure that your facility meets environmental regulations. Call us at (281) 213-3822 to receive a waste management quote from our experienced team .