• What Happens to Unused Chemicals?

    Unused Chemicals Disposal in Cypress & Houston, TX

    Chemicals can be sensitive and should be handled with care, but sometimes you might not use your entire storage. Although you might not have any use for the chemicals anymore, someone else probably will. Through chemical trading, you can find someone who needs what you have. Some chemicals can also be repurposed and used for different applications, but no matter what, it’s important that you dispose of your chemicals properly. Read on to learn a little bit about what happens to unused chemicals.

    Chemical Trading

    In order to save money and free up your finances, you should only order the amount of chemicals you’ll need. Sometimes you might overestimate your needs, however, and order too large of a quantity. Rather than letting your extra chemicals go to waste, look into chemical trading. You can talk to your environmental cleanup professionals to see if they can connect you with buyers who are looking for the chemicals you have. This way you can make some money back on what would otherwise be waste.


    Most chemicals can serve more than one purpose, which means you might be able to use your chemicals for another purpose. If you can’t think of another use for your chemicals, someone else probably can. This is another advantage to chemical trading, as you don’t need to look for trading partners that are in the same industry as you are. In many cases, you can even get a return from your contaminated, distressed, or surplus chemicals.

    Proper Disposal

    If you decide to simply dispose of your unused chemicals, make sure you do it right . Call the industrial waste disposal professionals and have them take care of your inventory. They will ensure that the chemicals are disposed of in the safest and most environmentally friendly way possible.

    When you have unused chemicals that you don’t want to take a total loss on, contact the professionals at Excel Industrial Group. We are environmental cleanup professionals who handle all kinds of waste management near Cypress, TX. Feel free to call us at (281) 213-3822 or stop by and see us for more on our chemical trading services.

  • Recovering Product After a Storage Mishap

    Waste Product Recovery Storage Facility in Houston, TXYour waste management plan should account for accidents, since things can go wrong in storage. It’s always nice to have a backup, since things don’t always go according to your original plan. Feel free to read ahead for tips on recovering product after a storage mishap.

    If you have to store chemicals then you have the possibility of a mishap in your storage area. All it takes is one wrong turn with the forklift and you could do some real damage to the products or have a potentially serious chemical spill. This can be extra difficult to deal with if you work with chemicals or other potentially hazardous materials. Fortunately, your industrial clean up specialists can help you recover your products. They can offer transportation, storage, and even sampling and analysis. They can then use their connections to find buyers for the products that you can no longer use.

    If you want to be prepared for the worst , call Excel Industrial Group at (281) 213-3822. We specialize in industrial waste disposal and chemical repurposing, serving Cypress, TX. You can also check out our website or stop by and meet with us to learn about our land application projects and chemical trading services today.

  • Mesothelioma: The Symptoms of This Asbestos-Related Condition

    Mesothelioma is a serious condition, and it affects many individuals who have worked with asbestos over long periods of time. Remember to have the environmental cleanup professionals handle asbestos for you, so you can avoid this disease. Watch this video to learn about the symptoms of this asbestos-related condition.

    Although symptoms might not occur until decades after your last exposure to asbestos, it can potentially affect your respiratory system. You may experience painful coughing, pain in your chest, or trouble catching your breath. You might also notice sudden weight loss, problems with blood clotting, or pain in your abdomen. Be sure to meet with your doctor and explain your symptoms.

    The professionals at Excel Industrial Group can help you avoid mesothelioma with our waste management services in Cypress, TX. Please visit our website or call us at (281) 213-3822 for a look at our material testing and industrial waste disposal services.

  • A Look at the Importance of Professional Industrial Waste Management

    Waste Management in Houston, TX

    You should be concerned with waste management in commercial areas. When it comes to industrial waste disposal, you will need the professionals to help you out. The pros can help you keep your workplace and the environment safe, and they will ensure that the job is done right. Here’s a closer look at the importance of professional industrial waste management.

    Maintaining a Safe Workplace

    No matter what kind of waste you generate, a responsible waste management plan is a must. Waste builds up over time, and eventually, it can get in the way of your workspace. This can cause injuries as well as slow down productivity. A buildup of waste becomes even more dangerous if you deal with hazardous materials in the workplace. Industrial waste disposal professionals are trained to deal with all kinds of waste, so leave the job up to them.

    Protecting the Environment

    The same kinds of industrial waste that are dangerous to people are typically dangerous for the environment as well. If you don’t know how to handle industrial waste disposal in a responsible way, you could end up increasing your carbon footprint rather than decreasing it. By working with the environmental cleanup professionals, you can ensure that your waste makes it to a safe destination where it won’t harm the environment or the community.

    Getting the Job Done

    Not everyone understands waste management. Many times it is best to focus on your core business and leave industrial waste disposal up to someone else. Your waste management team can handle all kinds of disposal services, and they can even perform waste analysis. If you want to make sure the job gets done the right way, set up a plan with the industrial waste disposal professionals.

    Are you ready to start working with the professionals in industrial waste disposal serving Cypress, TX? Contact Excel Industrial Group or visit our website. It’s our job to take care of all of your waste disposal needs. Call our environmental cleanup professionals at (281) 213-3822 to learn more about us today.